tango meets the world of pharmaceutics– collaboration with Merck

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For the launch of a new formulation and its new packaging for one of their leading medicines, used in replacement therapy for the treatment of thyroid diseases and disorders, Merck opted to be proactive in ensuring they had the infrastructure in place to handle an increased wave of patient enquiries. When it came to decision time, tango was leading the way on price. Our flexible CRM tool – developed entirely in-house – pushed us over the line to be chosen as Merck’s outsourced contact centre. Said tool is not only tailored to cater for Merck’s extensive and complex FAQ, which dynamically pushes only the most relevant portions to on-call agents, but also boasts a robust back end to cater for the demanding data collection and reporting requirements of Merck’s regional offices. The beauty of it was how it was brought to life in close cooperation with the client to fully respond to their needs. tango today handles all enquiries, but always with the knowledge that any escalations can be routed to Merck’s medical experts immediately. This service is a great example of how leaders in two distinctly diverse fields can join together to deliver a seamless, unified service.


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